AIRS (Angle Integrated Removal System)

Energy Efficient Spa Cover Lids Saves Money with a lower electric bill. It’s lightweight to it’s easy to open and close with a patented barrier seal. Order your new Spa Cover today – by Air Framer –

*Adding AIRS cover removal extends cover warranty to 7 years. 

TheAirframe Spa Cover Is Energy Efficient

TheAirframe is the most attractive spa cover ever; it's also an Energy Efficient Spa Cover and Saves You Money by lowering energy costs with its patented compression angle hinge and Perimeter Barrier Seal. Our Spa Cover is specially designed to be fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, this sustainable cover does a better job of insulating than traditional alternatives while reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Energy Efficient Design Without Styrofoam.
  • Beautifully Upholstered Outdoor Fabric. It's UV stable and mold/mildew protected.
  • Light as Air Spa Cover–Lightweight construction.
  • Designer Colors.
  • Patented Angle of Compression Hinge.
  • Qualifies for Energy $100 Rebate!
  • Patented Stabilizer Straps.
  • Patented Integrated Removal System.
  • Perimeter Barrier Seal.


Award Winning Design TheAirframe Spa Cover is an energy winning design using scientific principles to insulate and patented elements to create a superior lightweight spa cover made in the USA. This cover is so efficient, the Energy Trust of Oregon offers a $100 cash rebate to spa owners when replacing their foam spa covers. With no threads or zippers to fail and no EPS foam to gain water weight, our durable cover may even outlast the spa it protects.

Why Choose TheAirframe Spa Cover?

Spa Cover Lids by Air Frame are Energy Efficient so they’ll save you money by lowering your electric bills – Order Online today –

As a manufacturer for 15 years in the spa industry we are proud to show the worlds most beautiful and innovative, "GREEN", spa cover.

A Smart Choice for Now and the Future

TheAirframe spa cover is built to last for 10 years or more. The standard 3-year warranty can be increased to a 7-year warranty with the purchase of the AIRS (Angle Integrated Removal System) spa cover removal system.

TheAirframe saves money by reducing energy costs while avoiding the continuing habit of foam cover replacements. It's a smart choice for the environment now and the future of the planet. Unfortunately a 7' x 7' foam spa cover is equal to 3520 Styrofoam cups. In the state of Oregon alone, we trash enough foam covers a month to exceed the equivalent of 8 million Styrofoam cups. Annually this would equal more than 6 billion Styrofoam cups buried in landfill sites nationwide. Help us end this wasteful cycle with the Airframe Spa cover.

Save Energy... Save the Planet.